Dragon Boat Seat Plan

Dragon boats are about 46 feet long, 3.5 feet wide, and weigh about 550 pounds. The 20 paddlers are divided into left and right paddlers. The middle eight paddlers are the “engine room” for the boat. The drummer sits at the front of the boat facing the paddlers.
The steersman guides the boat from the rear position. The steersman is provided by Dynamic DragonBoat Racing.
The boat crew is broken into three sections, the front or strokers are the first six paddlers, the engine room is the middle eight paddlers and the back or turbo section is the last six paddlers.
Side to side and front to back weight distribution must be taken into consideration when setting up the boat. The lightest people should be seated in the front and the very back of the boat. The heaviest people should be placed in the middle.
The drummer is seated at the front of the boat and gets the cadence from the lead paddlers.  This is your lightest, sprite-est, loudest and most rhythmic person on your team.  They also should be the best dressed as they will be competing for their own trophy!
The front six paddlers are the main focal point of the boat. They set the initial stroke rate or pace which the rest of the team follows.
The middle eight or the “engine room” is usually reserved for the heavier, stronger paddlers. During the middle of the race the engine room dictates the pace.
The back six paddlers of the boat should be the strongest people on the boat, this is the “muscle” or turbo section of the boat.
Responsible for the safety of the team, our knowledgeable steersmen reserve the right to move paddlers around to improve the balance of the boat.
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